Conduct and discipline

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Conduct and discipline at NIT

    The students should not do the following, otherwise shall be considered as undisciplined

  • Students who studying in the institute, if found indulging in any anti-national activities contrary to the provisions of acts and laws enforced by government, will be eligible to expel from the institute without any notice by the Principal.

  • If any information furnished by the candidate is found to be false at later date, candidate will not be considered for admission. If already admitted, admission will be cancelled; fees will fortify or shall be expelled. An appeal against expulsion may be made withing 7 days to DTE, government of Maharashtra whose verdict will be final.

  • Students shall regularly read the notices put up on the notice boards. The institute shall not hold any responsibility for any loss caused to the student due to his or her failure to read the notices in time.

  • The Principal reserves the right to expel the student from the roll, if the student remains absent without informing the institute.

  • For misbehaviour of any nature the student would be liable to severe punishment by the Principal at his discretion and he may even by debarred from the institution.

  • No student will be allowed to appear for the Annual / Supplementary Technical Board Examination unless: a) He has paid all dues. b) He has completed all Practical Record Books and submitted Term Work duly checked and certified by the concerned teacher.

  • The student should bring their own drawing instrument, journals, log tables, calculators, etc. every day as per the given time table.

  • Cell phones are not allowed in the Class rooms, Laboratories and institute premises during working hours.

  • The students must attend the college regularly as per time table and in prescribed uniform only.

  • Students using the college conveyance should strictly mention the route / destination at the time of admission.

  • Students who are not using college conveyance should use their own helmet and should possess permanent Driving Licence.

  • Participation of every individual student in the extra-curricular activities is must.

  • The students should not do the following, otherwise shall be considered as undisciplined:

    • Disregard of Institute’s orders and notices.

    • Disregard of orders and instructions of the staff members.

    • Persistent neglect of students.

    • Recourse to unfair means during any examination.

    • Participation in Strikes and Morchas etc.

    • Students during training in industry must abide to the industrial discipline and follow factory rules in regard to attendance, holiday, timing, dress, etc.

    • No society, association of club shall be formed by the students without prior permission of the Principal.

    • Ragging is a cognizable offence and this will invariably lead expulsion from the institute.

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