Training & Placement

Training & Placement

Training & Placement Cell of NIT Polytechnic works very hard and is committed to place every student by developing overall personality including Soft Skills, Technical Skill, Interview Technique etc. We train the students as per requirement of Industry.

Training & Placement Cell of NIT Polytechnic has a wide industry network and every year new industries are added in our panel. More ever we have all necessary Infrastructure and high support of Management and Principal.  We placed so far 100 percent students who opted job after completion of Diploma.

The companies who had visited for placement in our campus are extremely happy by the performance of our students and hospitality provided by us. They wanted to rush every year for conducting placement drive also.

Activity conducted under Training & Placement cell.

  • Mega Placement Drive (Job Fair)
  • Placement drive
  • Industrial visit
  • Summer vocational Training (In plant/ In campus)
  • Mock Interview
  • HR Panel discussion
  • Personality Development Classes
  • Aptitude Class/ Aptitude Test
  • Spoken English Classes
  • Guest Lectures (Industries/ Academicians )
  • Sending information of Govt. job to alumni

MOU Sign with Industries

  • Indo German Tool Room, Nagpur,
  • V S InfoTech Pvt. Ltd. Nagpur
  • Prolific Software’s, Nagpur
  • Maharashtra Centre for Entrepreneurship Development
  • Bharat Tele Solutions Ltd. Nagpur
  • CAD Master, Nagpur
  • GEI Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd. Nagpur
  • IT NetworkZ, Nagpur

As a Result of above continues activities and faithful effort we develop students and achieve 100 percent placement.

 We take this opportunity to invite your esteemed organization to visit our campus for the recruitment and it will be the privilege and honor for us to welcome you at the campus of NIT Nagpur.

Companies on Panel
Sr. No Name of Company Branch Package
01 CEAT Tyres, Nagpur & Ambernath EJ/ EX/ EE/ ME 14150 PM
02 Tal Manufacturing and Solutions, ME/ EE 12000 PM
03 Mahindra & Mahindra, Nagpur ME/ EE 12000 PM
04 Pix Transmission Pvt. Ltd. ME
05 Dhoot Transmission, Pune EJ/ EX/ EE (Female) 8000 PM
06 Dhoot Transmission, Aurangabad EJ/ EX/ EE/ ME (Male) 8000 PM
07 Sharada Ispat, Nagpur ME
08 Kaizen Telecom, Nagpur EJ/ EX/ IF/ Co
09 Percept Web Solution, Nagpur IF/ Co
10 Rothe Erde, Nasik ME 12000 PM
11 NSSL (Nicco Industries), Nagpur ME 8000 PM
12 Bharat Gears , Mumbai ME 10000 PM
13 Norton Grindwell, Nagpur ME 7500 PM
14 Roto Dyne Hyderabad ME 12000 PM
15 Wind World, Daman EJ/ EX/ ME/ EE 13500 PM
16 Ericson India EJ/ EX/ EE 8000 PM
17 Infodreamz Technology, Nagpur IF/ CO
18 Uniinfo Telecommunication, Indore EJ/EX/EE 12000 PM
19 See Tech Solution, Nagpur IF/ CO
20 Persistantance, Nagpur IF/ CO
21 IT Networkz EJ/ EX/ IF/ CO
22 Motif Ind. Pvt. Ltd. Ahmedabad EJ/ EX/ IF/ CO 15000 PM
23 Endurance, Aurangabad ME 8000 PM
24 Verroc Aurangabad, ME 8000 PM
25 Orange City Water, Nagpur CE
26 VRNL , Nagpur CE 12000 PM
27 Sunil Hitech, Nagpur ME/ CE/ EE 8000 PM
28 Minex Metallurgical Co. Ltd, Nagpur Metallurgy
29 Hindalco Industries, Mauda ME
30 Kinetic Communication, Aurangabad EJ/ EX/ IF/CO
Placement Details Session Wise
Total Students Higher Education Job
Session 2011-2012 40 36 4
Session 2012-2013 166 136 30
Session 2013-2014 220 176 44
Session 2014-2015 214 156 58


Placement Statistic of NIT Polytechnic, Nagpur



Sr. No. Branch Name of student Placed in Company
1 ME I Rajesh Gulabrao Rahangdale Mahindra & Mahindra, Nagpur
2 ME I Ajay Kumar Pan(Jhula Pan) Tal Manufacturing & Solutions. Nagpur
4 ME I Prakash Dilip Chaudhari  Ceat Tyres, Nagpur
5 ME I Ashish Rewatkar Tal Manufacturing & Solutions. Nagpur
6 ME I Sumit Namdeo Raut  Ceat Tyres, Nagpur
7 ME I Sumedh Siddharth Patil  Ceat Tyres, Nagpur
8 ME I Sanket Gopal Choudhary Tal Manufacturing & Solutions. Nagpur
9 ME I Ashish Haridasji Bajanghate Mahindra & Mahindra, Nagpur
10 ME I Chetan Vijay Ghodsade Tal Manufacturing & Solutions. Nagpur
11 ME I Ajay Jawahar Prasad Tal Manufacturing & Solutions. Nagpur
12 ME I Satish Bhaoraoji Madekar Tal Manufacturing & Solutions. Nagpur
13 ME I Vipin Ramesh Kale Tal Manufacturing & Solutions. Nagpur
14 ME I Yamikesh Pravin Urade  Ceat Tyres, Nagpur
15 ME I Jayant Sanjay Amte Tal Manufacturing & Solutions. Nagpur
16 ME I Nitesh Keshao Chouragade  Ceat Tyres, Nagpur
17 ME I Omesh Shekhar Sarve Uniinfo Telecommunication,  Indore
18 ME II Akshay Suresh Charlewar Bharat Gears, Mumbai
19 ME II Avinash Ishwar Chaware Rothe Edre, Nashik
21 ME II Kishor Manohar Chaudhari Tal Manufacturing & Solutions. Nagpur
22 ME II Vaibhav Arun Narekar Tal Manufacturing & Solutions. Nagpur
23 ME II Raj Shekhar Ramsagar Maurya Mahindra & Mahindra, Nagpur
24 ME II Pusram Sukhchain Bhoriya Rothe Erde, Nashik
25 ME II Adil Devendra Bhoutik  Ceat Tyres, Nagpur
26 ME II Vikas Kumar Vidyasagar Singh  Ceat Tyres, Nagpur
27 ME II Shubham Janardhan Mendra Tal Manufacturing & Solutions. Nagpur
28 ME II Pappu S Singh  Ceat Tyres, Nagpur
29 ME II Vaibhav Wasudeo Nadekar MRF Tyres,
30 EE I Shilesh S. Patil  Ceat Tyres, Nagpur
31 EE I Shubham R. Charde Erricson India Pvt Ltd
32 EE I Bablu R. Farkade Bajaj Force
33 EE I Komal M. Badwaik Dhoot Transmission, Aurangabad
34 EE I Pranali A. Tagde Dhoot Transmission, Pune
35 EE I Kalyani A. Anturkar Dhoot Transmission, Pune
36 EE I Nikita S. Bansod Dhoot Transmission, Pune
37 EE I Ankita G. Dabrase Dhoot Transmission, Pune
38 EE I Chhagan M Dhakate Dhoot Transmission, Aurangabad
39 EE I Aarti B. Vankar Dhoot Transmission, Pune
40 EE II Akash B. Gonarkar Dhoot Transmission, Aurangabad
41 EE II Mayur B. Kene  Ceat Tyres, Nagpur
42 EE II Devendra Madekar Erricson India Pvt Ltd
43 EE II Satish Ingulkar Dhoot Transmission, Aurangabad
44 EJ Akshay Sarode  Ceat Tyres, Nagpur
45 EJ Mrunal Gawande Uniinfo Telecommunication,  Indore
46 EJ Nikita Madankar Dhoot Transmission, Pune
47 EJ Sumit Kothekar Uniinfo Telecommunication,  Indore
48 EJ Vicky Bonde Uniinfo Telecommunication,  Indore
49 EJ Jay Taywade  Ceat Tyres, Nagpur
50 EJ Shubham Gawande Uniinfo Telecommunication,  Indore
51 EJ Pallavi Falke Dhoot Transmission, Pune
52 EJ Rohit Kumar Tiwari  Ceat Tyres, Nagpur
53 EX Rakhi Kanoje Dhoot Transmission, Pune
54 EX Prashant Ghumde Uniinfo Telecommunication,  Indore
55 EX Shivani U. Ingle  Ceat Tyres, Nagpur
56 EX Pallavi Kashinath Bisanewar Dhoot Transmission, Pune
57 EX Durga Bajiraoji Pimpalkar Dhoot Transmission, Pune
58 EX Pranay Chippawar  Ceat Tyres, Nagpur
Sr. No. Branch Name of student Placed in Company
1 EJ Pooja Bhimdeo Thool  Aditya Infrasructure, Nagpur
2 ME Shubham Chaudhary  Ceat Tyres, Nagpur
3 CO Bhushan Shende Ashok Leyland
4 EE Amar Ghotekar Dhoot Transmission, Aurangabad
5 EJ Dipali Ganvir Dhoot Transmission, Pune
6 EJ Nikita Gothwad Dhoot Transmission, Pune
7 EX Nisha Gokhe Dhoot Transmission, Pune
8 EE Mayur Y Tagde Erricson India
9 EE Nilesh Thakur Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. Nashik
10 CE Abhishek Thakur Indian Air Force
11 EJ Rajiv  Chhapparghare Jabil Circuits Pvt Ltd, Pune
12 ME Pawan B. Damre Jaiswal Necco
13 ME Rahul Khaparde Jaiswal Necco
14 ME Roshan Jambhule Jaiswal Necco
15 ME Shubham Tiwari Jaiswal Necco
16 ME Swapnil Patil Jaiswal Necco
17 EJ Hemant Bhagwat Kinge JSW Ispat
18 EE Yogesh Talkhande L & T Nagpur
19 ME Harish Bagade Likson International Ltd. Nagpur
20 ME Roshan B. Bhalerao Mahindra & Mahindra, Nagpur
21 ME Shubham Bokde Mahindra & Mahindra, Nagpur
22 ME Sumit Gadge Mahindra & Mahindra, Nagpur
23 ME Bholenath Bhoyar Mahindra & Mahindra, Nagpur
24 ME Hitesh Choudhari Mahindra & Mahindra, Nagpur
25 ME Roshan B. Bhalerao Mahindra & Mahindra, Nagpur
26 ME Shubham R. Bawane Mahindra & Mahindra, Nagpur
27 ME Shubham R. Bawane Mahindra & Mahindra, Nagpur
28 ME Vaibhav V.Kelapure Mahindra & Mahindra, Nagpur
29 ME Prashant Dhavangale Maruti Sujuki Automotive, Nagpur
30 EE Ashish Mishra Mauli Industries, Nagpur
31 CE Pushpak Ijankar Maxx Infra Bitcon
32 ME Pawan Kumar Singh Motif Ahmedabad
33 ME Akshay A. Gurjar New Holand Tractors
34 ME Niraj B. Wankhede Norton Grindwell
35 ME Sagar T.  More Norton Grindwell
36 EE Amit Dhage Ordanance Factory
37 CE Mangesh Chauhan Oriental Structure
38 EE Anirudha Mautkar SNDL, Nagpur
39 ME Bhushan P. Dewase Tal Manufacturing & Solutions. Nagpur
40 ME Rahul Khubalkar Tal Manufacturing & Solutions. Nagpur
41 ME Sawan K. Bhoyar Tal Manufacturing & Solutions. Nagpur
42 ME Someshwar Damahe Tal Manufacturing & Solutions. Nagpur
43 ME Sumit N. Birda Tal Manufacturing & Solutions. Nagpur
44 EJ Jay Taywade Uniinfo Telecommunication,  Indore
45 EJ Rahul Dupare Webcuits
46 ME Wasim Sheikh Wind World

2013 Batch Students Data

Sr. No. Branch Name Of Student Placed In Company
1 EJ Nayak Aman Jabil Circuits India Pvt. Ltd, Pune
2 EJ Yadav Sagar Jabil Circuits India Pvt. Ltd, Pune
3 ME Ajharruddin Inamdar Linkson International Ltd, Midc Butibori
4 ME Shubham Awaze Mahindra & Mahindra, Nagpur
5 ME Samir  Neware Mahindra & Mahindra, Nagpur
6 ME Prashant Vaidya Mahindra & Mahindra, Nagpur
7 ME Yogeshwar  Dhopare Mahindra & Mahindra, Nagpur
8 ME Sagar  Borkar Mahindra & Mahindra, Nagpur
9 ME Akshay  Tingase Mahindra & Mahindra, Nagpur
10 ME Suresh Dahat Mahindra & Mahindra, Nagpur
11 ME Swapnil  Nasare Mahindra & Mahindra, Nagpur
12 ME Abhay  Thakre Mahindra & Mahindra, Nagpur
13 ME Prajot  Dhumale Mahindra & Mahindra, Nagpur
14 ME Vipin  Lekurwale Mahindra & Mahindra, Nagpur
15 ME Pawan  Moharkar Mahindra & Mahindra, Nagpur
16 ME Amit  Shirpurkar Mahindra & Mahindra, Nagpur
17 ME Vijaymani  Singh Mahindra & Mahindra, Nagpur
18 ME Mukesh  Somkuwar Mahindra & Mahindra, Nagpur
19 ME Ashish  Turkar Mahindra & Mahindra, Nagpur
20 ME Pravin  Suryawanshi Mahindra & Mahindra, Nagpur
21 ME Saurabh  Pande Perkins India Pvt Ltd, Aurangabad
22 ME Vijay Umeshji Golait Posco Maharashtra Steels, Raigad
23 CE Wadhwani Kushboo Propriter
24 ME Sandeep Bandu Tayade Solar Explosive, Bajargaon
25 ME Hrishikesh  Bansode Tal Manufacturing & Solutions. Nagpur
26 ME Namrata Gajbhiye Tal Manufacturing & Solutions. Nagpur
27 ME Ishwarrao  Kandiwalsa Tal Manufacturing & Solutions. Nagpur
28 ME Tyagrajan  Rao Tal Manufacturing & Solutions. Nagpur
29 CO Nikhil Meshram Vaaan Infra Pvt Ltd, New Delhi
30 CO Anand Pillai Wipro Technologies, Banglore


Prof. Prashant C Rahate
Training & Placement Officer
NIT Polytechnic, Nagpur
M-Tech (Pursuing), BE (Mech.), DME
Mobile No :- 9096244197

Summer Vocational Training
Industrial Visit
Guest Lectures